Parents Dating: When To Call And When To Text Your Matches

Wed, Feb 19, 2014

Communication Tips

Parents Dating: When To Call And When To Text Your Matches

Communication plays a very important role in dating, especially if you are still getting to know the person. I bet almost everyone has a cellphone and knows how to call and text. Most people prefer texting over calling and or vice versa. But should it be appropriate to just text your matches or call them for follow-up?

Our handphones are essential parts of our lives, there’s no denying it. If you want to continue your relationship beyond the first date then you both should settle on communicating well. You can’t always be together 24/7 so set the time on how often you would communicate. Do you want to text everyday? Hear their voice every night? Or is every other day good for you? Tell your partner about it so you both can make ends meet.

So when should you call or text your partner?

1. Call when either of you seemed upset.
Don’t discuss any issues through texts. Don’t start a text war or initiate it. If you are upset about something then call them. Why? When you text through upsetting topics, thing is that the other party might find it annoying and instead of understanding will only make them upset. Reading is different from hearing. A person’s personal emotion can reflect when they read, which can lead to misunderstandings and more drama. When you have an issue about the person then breathe deeply and calmy talk to them about it over the phone. If by any chance, your date is the one broaching any issue, then don’t reply to their texts. Instead, pick up the phone and call them to avoid any confusion. If they say that they can’t call or pick up their phone at the moment then set a particular time so that both of you can talk.

2. Call when you want to have a real, live connection.
Sometimes, you are satisfied with just texting with your match. Other times, you just want a better emotional connection. Hearing their voices and how energetic, calm or soothing they can be in a conversation can create a better connection between your two than just texting. Sometimes, emotions can’t be clearly conveyed with just texting, that’s why calling is appropriate at times.

3. Call when you plan to break-up.
Nothing is as cowardly and upsetting than receiving a break up text. It’s really low and a bit harsh. Be a more sensitive person even if you want to break up. Call them and say what’s on your mind calmly and hear out what they have to say.  Make it clear on your part that you want it to end. Don’t just drop them a text and leave it there. You are leaving the person hanging and confused.

So when’s it okay to call? It’s better to just drop a text to your matches when you just want to converse casually (if that is, they are free at that time and have nothing to do) or greet them. Like a good morning or just saying hello. That really doesn’t require a phone call. However, when you want to hear your date’s opinion, clarify something or having a bad day and just want to hear their voice, then you should call.

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