Millionaire Dating Tips: Three Online Dating Mistakes to Avoid

Tue, Aug 16, 2011

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Millionaire Dating Tips: Three Online Dating Mistakes to Avoid

Alright, so in our course of looking your perfect sugardaddies that we want, of course we’re going to make some mistakes. However, hopefully, these mistakes would make us wiser. So here are some mistakes that we ladies have made and should not make ever again:

1. Posting the wrong profile photo. Yes, we get it, men are visual creatures, meaning that they get stimulated more of things that are visually pleasant. So in short, a great profile photo is a must in online dating if you want to snag your sugardaddy. With thousands of women on online dating sites, you have to make sure that yours stands out with your great profile picture,

Now in case you already forgot, here are some things that you need to avoid in your profile pic: first, don’t post a picture of yourself from 3 years ago or longer because he wants to see how you look like NOW and not from before; second, don’t post a picture of yourself that’s taken from so far away that your own mother could not recognize you because again, he wants to see you and not only your shadow or a speck that’s supposed to be you; third, don’t post a picture of yourself with another attention-seeking animal or person besides you because for one thing, having a cute dog or cat with you may not appeal to him and another, if there’s a picture of a gorgeous lady friend beside you, well, let’s just say you wouldn’t want your potential sugar daddy to focus on your friend; fourth, do not post a picture of you with another guy because, for one thing, which guy in his right mind would click on a woman’s profile with another guy already beside her?; fifth, do not post a picture of yourself with a group because you would not want your sugardaddy be confused which person was you; and lastly, do not post a picture of yourself in scanty clothes because the last thing you would want is an indecent proposal or men thinking the wrong thing about you.

2. Posting your dislike for online dating. Oh please! If you don’t like it that much, then why are you there, right? And besides, writing your dislike of this type of dating in bold, capital letters in your profile essay is sure to turn men off.

3. Posting all your rules. It’s okay actually to list SOME preferences, emphasis on the SOME because listing down rules is not going to help you find your guy. For one thing, you might come across as some control-freak to some guys and you would not want that. Read your profile again and make sure that you come off as open to different types of men, and for sure, those e-mails would come right on flocking your inbox!

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