Millionaire Dating Tips: Are Your Relationship Goals Realistic?

Millionaire Dating Tips: Are Your Relationship Goals Realistic?

Do you have relationship goals with your sugardaddies? Are they realistic or just too good to be true? How do you measure your dates? Do you have a checklist when it comes to your relationships, or about the guys that you date?

There’s nothing wrong if you want your standards high or you keep with these kinds of pedestals for your dates and love life. When you fantasize about your dream guy, you’d tend to discover more of what you want in a person and at the same time, what you needed in your relationship. But if you keep doing that, then it could do more harm than good for your relationship. When you learn to draw the line between reality and fantasy? When would you learn to accept that your relationship expectations are just way too much? That it’s unrealistic?

You have to realise that your relationship expectations are UNREAL if:

1. Well, you have a specific requirement of what your Mr. Right’s figure, height, face value and characteristics are and that you tend to stick to that belief and won’t settle for anything less. Even if he lacks just one of those traits you set for YOUR Mr. Right, he wouldn’t be good enough for you.

2. You refuse to date other people unless you know his financial status. You wouldn’t date someone unless they reach that “significant amount in their financial status”.

3. You wouldn’t date someone if he just lives further, more than a quick drive away. You want him to be always as close to you as possible and be with you at your whim.

4. If your dates don’t have as much similar interests than you then they are out of the picture, for good. You two should be similar in your likes and interests so that t would be easier for you to connect with each other.

5. You would require your dates to immediately trust you and open up to you, no pretenses are welcome. You expect that they would be at ease with you even if you just met a couple of days. if it takes them a while to warm up to you then they are no good.

Now getting back to your OWN relationship check lsit. Are they realistic? Or UNrealistic? It’s okay that you set your goals; but don’t base your relationship and you date’s character on that level of expectation; by making them who you want them to be. Love is mysterious and it should flourish without you thinking of all the gains that you’d get, it’s not about your guy’s physical appearance or his financial gains. True love is not limited; just set it loose and it will find its way to your Mr. Rights heart.

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