Alt Dating: 3 Email Blunders You Should Avoid

Tue, Jul 30, 2013

E-mail Tips

Alt Dating: 3 Email Blunders You Should Avoid

In fetish dating, your first means of communication with your match is via email. It’s the initial way in which contacts can connect with their matches. Emails are better than chat and IM since you don’t have to rush your introduction and you can think over what you want to share in your first email.

Emails are a more “formal” means of communication for matches who still getting to know each other. Communication in alternative dating is a step by step process so you don’t want to divulge everything about you all at once. Sometimes we get to carried away that we make our emails too long and share things which aren’t necessary at all. Here are some email mistakes for you to avoid and remember.

1. Sharing personal information.
Take advantage of the anonymity that online dating brings especially if you are still in the early stage with your match. Avoid giving out your real full name in your first exchanges. Why? Almost everything is searchable in the internet and that includes your name and other personal information. Use the dating site’s email platform and not your personal email. You don’t want to get spammed with unwanted spams, emails and ads because you keep giving your personal email away to matches that you don’t know well yet. Don’t mention to them about your financial standing, where you work or live and what your usual routes are. Keep yourself safe from potential stalkers and people who victimise and make use of the internet to swindle money.

2. Sharing all important points about you in one go.
Remember that your first email is your introduction email. Write something about yourself and what you have read in the person’s profile. Avoid sharing too much too soon or you’ll end up wracking your brain just to have something to talk about later. Your emails should contain bits of information about you, so don’t make a novel out of it. When you are talking about a certain subject then just stick to it and add a little piece of information, comment or something new to talk about in your next emails in the end. Sharing bits and pieces of information will keep the conversation going instead of pulling out all your cards in your first contact.

3. Writing long emails.
Emails should be kept short especially if it’s in the earlier stages. Lengthy emails tend to get boring so ensure that you make an email that your match will read through till the end. We recommend that you make your emails 500 words or less. Make the best of those 500 words and make it worthwhile for a reply.

We cannot stress how emails are important in alternative dating. We always advise our members to create the best emails and read it over before they send it. Your emails can create the bridge in which you can cross to get to know your match better. Making great emails equals to making your bridge sturdier. The more information that you learn from your matches; then the closer you will get to moving on to the next stages in online dating.

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