Millionaire Dating: Is It Okay For You To Date Older Singles?

Thu, Nov 7, 2013

Finding Your Perfect Match

Millionaire Dating: Is It Okay For You To Date Older Singles?

There are a lot of people in millionaire dating who look for someone younger or older than them. It’s no issue right now, mostly, women want to date and have relationships with older men. Older men, they say are more “mature”. Is that always the case?

Is there a rule out there for dating someone older than you? Is there a certain criteria that you must follow? Does age really matter in a relationship?

Well, the answers mostly are up to you. But we just want to clarify a few things to keep you on track in your dating life.

Ever heard one of your buddies say: “Most relationships don’t work especially if you have a 20 year difference”. Well, I tell you; my grandparents have a 20 year difference but their relationship lasted till death do them part. It lasted longer than most couples who only have 3-5 year difference in their relationship. It’s really not about the age gap, but it’s how two people bond and connect. Same with millionaire dating, whoever you date, 10 years younger or older than you; it’s the connection that you make with them that will determine where your relationship will be heading.

There are no rules about age whether it concerns love or dating, so don’t be too rigid about your choices. Just go where your heart, or your guts tell you to. What matters is that you two share the same goal in your relationship.

Ask yourself, regardless of your match’s age whether you both have similar relationship and life goals. Are both of you open to marriage? Do both of you want to have kids? Want to live in the same city or town where you met? Decide to continue pursuing your jobs after marriage? Do you socialise together or do you have separate social lives?

What’s your psychological age? Well, some people are more mature than other regardless of their age. Chronological age is different than a person’s psychological age. You may hear people say that: “Wow! He’s already in his 40s? He looks so young!”, that’s chronological age – someone may look younger or older than his or her age. In the other hand, you might here someone say: “He’s in his 40s but he’s still so irresponsible and immature, like a teenager”; that’s a person’s psychological age. You can determine your own psychological age by asking them questions and observing them and reading through their answers.

In the long run, falling in love with someone older can be good for you. It can be a great and rewarding experience especially if you have found a match worth keeping. Yes, chemistry in a relationship is important but when it comes to age, it’s up to you whether you want to pursue it. There are a lot of couples who are in a May-December relationship and have worked it out for both of them and for the improvement of themselves and their relationship. Do your homework and make sure whether you are open for age gaps in a relationship.

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