Parents Dating: The Top 5 Mood Killers On Your First Date

Thu, Feb 20, 2014

First Meet-Up Dating Tips

Parents Dating: The Top 5 Mood Killers On Your First Date

From nasty behaviour to saying the wrong things, a lot can happen in a date that ruin your chances for chemistry and what not. Everyone has gone on a first date. There are the basics dos and don’ts and what not to talk about and what to talk about. But there are still things people do that annoy their dates. So what are these first date downers? Here are the top 5:

1. Overacting.
Yes, we overreact too at times but learn to draw the line when you are on a date. Act civil and show some respect towards your date. I know of someone who went out on a date with this really gorgeous guy. The date started well and the ambience was relaxing. Then my friend mentioned that she happened to be vegetarian, there was a vegetarian meal on the menu and she just said it as to start casual conversation. He started to act all freaky and looks displeased at her. He just won’t shut up and kept asking her “what does she even it” and “does she feel great being vegan”. She tried to close the topic but he keeps on persisting in a really annoying way that my friend had to excuse herself and leave the date early.

2. Being a douche to other people.
Well, this is true when your date over reacts about something so small and insignificant. Seeing your date freak out because the waitress forgot to put ice on the water glasses for instance should instantly send red flags. How people treat other people, like employees or waitresses for instance, the way they interact with them; are they kind? Generous? Or just plain nasty towards them like they’re the boss? Seeing someone treat others that way on their first date is one major deal breaker.

3. Being obsessed with yourself.
Some call it vanity, others call it being self-centered but it’s basically the same. How would you feel about going out on a date and just hearing your date fire away about his or her life without showing the slightest interest in hearing yours story? Rude? Annoying? If on a date it should be an open interaction between you both and not just a one sided thing.

4. Being too clingy.
So your date went on smoothly, he or she seemed to be a nice, decent guy or girl up until he started talking about commitment and such things. It’s too early to talk about commitment on a first date. I met a guy who happened to be super nice on our date, then he started telling me about his plans on having a family, that he doesn’t want me to date other guys and that we should be exclusive. After that he wouldn’t stop calling me and texting me that I have to get help from my brother just to keep him away and make him stop, it was too much!

5. Lying about major things.
A little white lie wouldn’t hurt on your first date right? Well, most people do that to carry on a good impression. But when you lie about something major; like being divorced or have kids – then it’s a different story. Also, don’t lie or brag about something that you don’t really have because people have a tendency to over do such things. For instance, a friend dated this really cool girl who said she works for a great company and has a high position. Then later he found out that she works as a sales clerk at a mall. There is no need to be ashamed about your work, life or kids; if you can’t be honest with it then don’t share it in the first place.

So have you ever experienced any of these in your first date? If not, have you done any of these in your first date? It’s time to reflect on yourselves and try to be more sensitive towards other people, not just in dating but everyone around you. If you find yourself being in an awkward position with your date, it’s best that you tell them calmly upfront so that they won’t carry on doing what they do and end the date as to not waste both of your time.

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