Dating Sugardaddies: The 5 Important Profile Tips For Singles

Mon, Jun 10, 2013

Profile Tips

Dating Sugardaddies: The 5 Important Profile Tips For Singles

Your dating profile is one of the most important things that can build or pull you down. When in millionaire dating, you would want your profile to be unique and stand out amongst others. You want to be seen and create a great and lasting impression on singles who’ve seen your profile. Unfortunately, many sugardaddies and singles can’t even whip up a great profile to start with. So how do you create a great profile?

1. Avoid using over-used lines by singles.
What does that mean? Simple, avoid being cliché. If you think that putting a line that says, “I need someone to complete me” is romantic then you are wrong. Hold any other Jerry Maguire, romantic romcom reference in your head. Show who you are and be original. Stop posting something and what-nots that hundreds people have already posted in their profiles.

2. Smile.
Profiles won’t be compelete without an accompanying photo. So you’ve got the best description on the site but lack a photo, that’s just as equal to having a no good profile. Pick the best photo that you have, ask friends to help you when you can’t decide. Show your best smile in your photos, don’t smirk or grimace – smile with confidence and captivate other singles.

3. Be patient.
If you think online dating will give you faster results because, well, it’s online then think again. It’s still dating and dating takes time. If you want to find a great match then it will take time. If you just want to hang-out and date with every person who asks you out on your profile then go ahead. But if you are looking for a serious relationship then having patience will help you out. Just go on your pace and have a positive mindset that you’ll get to find your ideal match.

4. Don’t assume.
When you find someone interesting but find something bothering you in their profile then contact them. Asking is not a crime and clarifying some things can be in your advantage. Don’t make a premature judegement of someone and terminate your connection ASAP. Reach out and ask, who knows you two might click together.

5. Make a compromise.
Nobody is perfect, so take time to rethink about the values, wants and must haves regarding your ideal match. Does he really have to be tanned, blonde hair, six pack abs with blue eyes? Really? Does she need to have dark hair, light eyes and a sexy bod for you to consider them right for you? Does it really matter that much to you? Be realistic about your goals and what you expect from your matches. Setting a compromise on certain areas in your love and social life will lead you to new doors. It can also expand your social life more and get you to meet your potential partners.
Take time to complete your profile and have realistic goals. Have fun and enjoy when you are dating, don’t take things too seriously unless you are certain that he or she is the right one for you. Now remember these tips the next time you want to create or modify your millionaire match profile.

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