Elite Dating: 5 Tips To Be Successful In Online Dating

Elite Dating: 5 Tips To Be Successful In Online Dating

If you have been in elite dating for a while and see that there’s no change in your status, maybe you need to review your profile. When you want to date a sugar daddy and snag their attention, then make sure that your profile is worth clicking.

If your profile is suffering from low profile views and no replies from contacts, then try to amp up your strategies. Here are 5 important dating tips to help you find your matches.

1. Use good recent photos.
There are hundreds of members in elite dating and there will be people who have similarities to you. Whether it be by looks, how you present yourself or your interests. There will always be that someone and maybe, they may have a better profile and picture than you. Now, that person will get more attention than you do. If you want to meet potential matches in online dating then you have to show them a good photo. Pretty simple right?

Post clear photos. Clear meaning, vivid and bright, not photoshopped, blurry, ten years ago or you wearing something that can mask your face. Don’t post photos of you in sunglasses or a hat. They’d want to have a clear picture of you so show it to them.

2. Contact members who are looking for someone like you.
Elite dating online is not the same as shopping for clothes or shoes. You can’t just say that because you like the person then they have to like you back. When you are dating, the feeling must be mutual. Otherwise, it’d be martial law. People have got a say about someone whom they want to meet online so read their profiles. If they are looking for some traits or qualities, interests and hobbies that you have and do posses then contact them.

3. Don’t tease.
It might backfire on you, instead of having a flirty and light exchange you’d have a misunderstanding. You don’t know the person and how their brains work so always put your best foot forward. Teasing them about their taste in food, clothing and what-not can be insulting especially when it comes from a stranger. Simple teases can come off as offensive and rub them the wrong way. It’s okay to tease if you have established some bond. Remember, people react differently, some might shrug it off and other’s might be sensitive about it.

4. Don’t ask obvious questions.
What are these obvious questions? Well, they are questions that can be answered just be looking at her or his profile. If they have already stated it in their profile then don’t ask about it. If they said that their favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate chip ice cream then don’t bother asking it in your email. It might sound as if you haven’t read their profile at all. If they have mentioned however about a few interesting things, then you can expand and make it your base topic. For example, she said she loves basketball, ask her what her favorite player and team is.

5. Don’t stalk.
It’s easier to stalk online because it offers anonymity but it’s creepy and off-putting. If you like a member then don’t check on her profile every few seconds to see if she has logged in. Don’t keep on reminding her to reply to your emails. Stop sending winks and chat invitations if they already declined. Remember what we said in #2? The person has a say in this and it’s up to them if they reply or not.

Now go on and log into elite dating and try your luck this time around. Online dating requires time and effort but keep on sending those emails, who knows, you’d be able to contact a perfect match for you.

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