Elite Dating: Top 4 Dating Mistakes In Online Dating

Wed, Jul 17, 2013

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Elite Dating: Top 4 Dating Mistakes In Online Dating

Are you tired of sending streams of emails to members who don’t write back? That’s a common scenario in elite dating. Online dating is pretty much different from real life dating. In online dating, your ammo is your profile and email. If you want to get better in online dating then you have to admit that you’ve made mistakes. You’ll have a much better time and enjoy yourself more in online dating if you can correct your faults. Avoid doing these 4 dating mistakes that online daters make.

1. Don’t stick with just one photo.
More people will tend to click your profile if they see that you upload recent photos once in a while. Having the same photo for months on end will make them think you aren’t an active member. Or that even if you are, you are not giving it your effort. Keeping your photos fresh and profile updated will bump you up and make you more visible.

2. Don’t use poor grammar.
One big turn off in online dating is poor grammar. Non-native english speakers can sometimes write in wring grammar but at least they make up for it with effort and good spelling (even if it’s spellcheck). If you are a native english speaker and your grammar in your emails can make your kindergarten teacher cry then maybe it’s time you polish it a bit. Daters hate seeing mixed up numbers and letters in an email and netspeak is not an exception. Spell words out and don’t send them an email with: “u”, “wlcm”, “l8r”, “idk”, “yo”. It’s rude and informal. If you want to be treated with respect and expect a reply then show that you can make a decent email.

3. Don’t contact too many people at once.
Contacting too many people all at once can be overwhelming and can get out of hand pretty fast. Don’t send random emails to just almost everybody that you have to keep tabs and memos to remind yourself. It’s okay to contact at least 3-5 people. Get to know them more and figure out which of them would be your ideal type. Try to take things in moderation and don’t rush. If you get too many emails at once, chances are your replies will get jumbled up. Also, you might not be able to truly connect with someone who is a potential match.

4. Don’t get personal.
It’s online dating, you don’t have to take things personally. When someone rejects you, then move on. Don’t bother with them anymore or sulk about it. There are many more members out there waiting to be contacted. Don’t make it your personal vendetta to stalk and torment all people who have rejected you online. Everyone gets rejected once in a while, you are not the only one. Even the best daters don’t get replies or get rejected so don’t feel too bad about it. It’s better for you to move on and have fun contacting other singles.

Have you done any of these mistakes in elite dating? You can always start afresh. Go to your profile and make some changes. Enjoy yourself while you are online and don’t let rejection gnaw through you. Online dating, just like real life dating should be light and fun especially if you are still in the early stages.

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