Match Dating Online: 5 Tips To Be A Successful Online Dater

Mon, Jul 22, 2013

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Match Dating Online: 5 Tips To Be A Successful Online Dater

Social match dating success relies on three important things: your attitude, your profile and your first email. Your dating profile is the first things people see on your page, that’s why you should make an impression. Your first email is like your voice, it’s your first step to getting to know a person. A positive outlook in online dating can help a lot when it comes to getting results.

Here are five simple tips on how you can be a successful match dater:

1. Create a outstanding profile.
No matter how gorgeous you are in your picture, if your profile is a mess then it’s a thumbs down to your viewers. Your dating profile must encourage people to contact you. If your dating profile is a mess, then you are the one who will be at a great disadvantage because of it.

2. Post recent photos.
Not photos from 3 years ago or from when you think you look “your best” or better than how you look now. No, don’t lie about how you look since it’s going to be found out sooner or later by your dates. It’s acceptable to update your photos every 3-4 months at most. Some daters even post new photos every month. This sends a message to your audience that you are an active member and you are a genuine person (not a robot). If you constantly update your profile and your photos then you’d be more visible. Creating a presence helps in drawing in potential matches.

3. Read your potential matches profiles before asking.
Why? Isn’t it just annoying for you to answer questions in which you have obviously stated the answer in your profile. Most of the likes, dislikes, interests and hobbies can be seen in the person’s profile. So don’t ask what their favorite sport is when they have stated that they love playing and watching basketball ever since they were five. You can ask though, who their favorite team is. Avoid asking the obvious and read through their profiles first.

4. Contact personals who are interested in someone like you.
If you read that the person is not into animals, likes high fashion clothes and is a vegetarian; and you on the other hand, are a dedicated animal supporter, loves meat and just dresses simply, then it’s best not to pursue them. Sparks could fly on your first few exchanges (and not the good one too). It’s best that you contact people who you think are looking for your type. You know who you are and what kind of person you are, right? So you would know that if the person puts in her description that they are looking for someone like this and that and say: “Hey! That could be me”.

5. Don’t get stuck.
Don’t linger too long on contacts that don’t respond or show no interest in you even if you are highly interested in them. Move on to other members and potential matches. Who knows, the one you’ve been putting last in your list is the best match for you. The one whom you have been vying for actually makes the worse date for you. Don’t get stuck on just one person unless you two have established a solid connection and are serious. If not, then it’s okay to contact other personals online.

Now log-in to your social dating account! Update your profile, post new photos and make changes in your online dating attitude and approach. Have fun, enjoy yourself and the company of other singles. Who knows, you’ll get the chance to meet your ideal mate one of these days.

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