Millionaire Dating: Be More Sexier On Your First Date With These 5 Tips

Fri, Feb 21, 2014

Self-Help Tips For Starters

Millionaire Dating: Be More Sexier On Your First Date With These 5 Tips

What makes a person sexy? Confidence. Confidence makes a big difference in how a person carries herself. Even if you think you look plain, being confident makes your sexy for the opposite sex. Men love women who has the ability to stand up to herself, feel good about herself and keep a cool air around her.

But there are situations that can shake your confidence and for some, being confident is easier said than done. So how can you be confident in front of your date?

1. Try to fake it.
Sometimes, you have to make a leap in order to get something you want. Faking confidence can get you there so try and at least push yourself to do something you really want to do. Approaching someone, making eye contacts, holding a conversation; it may take guts but overtime it will create a cascading effect. In which the more you do it, the easier it will become. By the time you can approach people without any trouble then you have grown confidence, no need to fake it anymore.

2. Be confident, not comfortable.
Sometimes in dating, there is a thin line between the two that most people just overlap. Being comfortable is settling into someone that’s just “good enough” for you, because he is the one there at the moment. Being confident is getting to someone who you think you deserve and getting a relationship that’s great. You have to empower yourself and be more certain about your choices and what you believe in.

3.  Put on a smile.
Just don’t force it too much or it may end up a grimace. Smiling is sexy, so be sure to practice and do it often with the people around you. Practice your facial expressions, even though it might sound funny, it will help you a lot when it comes to communicating with people. This is to make you feel at ease with yourself when the day of your date comes. You can be more relaxed and put on your best smile for your date.

4. Stand straight.
You know what they say, chest out and head up. Even if you wear just some jeans and a shirt, being in a confident posture can still make you look sexy. What more if you are wearing a dress, your date’s eyes will pop out. Try and be more mindful of your posture, never droop or it might look like your sulking and make you feel smaller as opposed to sitting erect.

5. Start from the small things.
There are areas in our life that we feel more confident about than others. Like for instance, you are very good in baking, so start with that. Be more confident in your baking and express yourself through that hobby. Experiment and work your confidence out. And then try looking at the big picture and then start from there too. You can be confident in all areas of your life.

A women who is confident loves her sexuality but at the same time can be assertive and empowering. Do you want to be that confident woman? Then start now!

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