Millionaire Dating Rejection Etiquette For Women

Wed, Aug 25, 2010

Dealing With Rejection

Millionaire Dating Rejection Etiquette For Women

The string of broken hearts could have been greatly diminished on a Millionaire Dating site, if the rejection that was the cause of the pain was handed out in a fitting mode. There are two ways on how you can dish out rejection in such a way that it doesn’t not deliver too much of a cruel blow to the other person online.

They are, as what I like to call them, “Rejection Etiquette.” You would not want to be let down so harshly?

Okay, so how do you go on declining someone in Millionaire Dating? It would be kinder if you do it ASAP, before the other person feels more for you. If you allow it to continue, even though you know you aren’t meant for each other, then it would hurt him more. Rejection should also be dished out with a certain degree of kindness. There are some instances where stubbornness would need a heavy-handed approach, but most of the time, the kind and gentle approach would do.

Be kind, yet be firm. In the extreme cases that politeness does not work, be direct and firm; though never show anger because you may aggravate the person more.

Here are a few tips of what you can do to reject someone in online Millionaire Dating:

What to do:

  1. Don’t reply at all. Just read then delete the message. In the language of the internet, this is understood as, “Not interested at all.” Or if this makes you feel guilty, then go to the other option, which is to:
  2. Email a message saying, “Thanks for for your email, but I’m really not interested.” It’s to-the-point, no-nonsense, and firm. No hidden messages, all the cards laid on the table. Then delete the e-mail. If he continues to contact you, you will need to ignore his e-mails and don’t reply.

What NOT to do:

  1. Deleting the message without even reading it. It is rude and below the belt. How would you feel if that was done to you? Obviously, the other person took the time and effort to create a message and then had to find the bit of courage to actually send it to you. So a little act of courtesy of spending a few seconds to actually read the e-mail would be appreciated.
  2. When you send a short reply, which says “Not in a million years”, this is just inconsiderate and not nice.
  3. Blocking the user without giving him a chance. Even if you don’t want other e-mails coming from that particular person, this is an unnecessary step doing this.

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