Millionaire Matchmaker: 3 Tips To Dealing And Bouncing Back From Rejection

Thu, Jan 16, 2014

Dealing With Rejection

Millionaire Matchmaker: 3 Tips To Dealing And Bouncing Back From Rejection

Rejection has always been part of dating. You can’t just date and expect everything to turn out the way you want it to be, and by far the worse thing that could happen is you being rejected. The worst case scenario in a dating situation for any dater.

You are bound to encounter rejection when dating. Whether it be online dating or real world dating, the sting of rejection is still the same. Never hearing from the person after a great first date to not getting an answer to a prospect you are eyeing is the same – rejection. It hurts and it stings no matter what the situation online or offline. Often times people who got dumped end up feeling misunderstood and can even lead to anger and self-criticism.

Is the pain of rejection still hurting you? Here are three ways to help you manage the emotional pain:

1. Do not give in to self-blaming.
Self-criticism is normal after a rejection but going over them again and again will not help you recover. Most rejections are often due to incompatibility or lack of chemistry rather than a mistakes done or a flaw. Don’t blame yourself for any flaw that you have that you think might be the reason the person rejected you. You know that in the back of your head, you’ve been praying that things might work out but you yourself feel that there is a shortcoming in between you both. It’s really not about your height, your hair or the money in your bank; sometimes it’s just that you two don’t click.

2. Raise your self-esteem.
Now that you have made the right move to move past the self-criticism then you need to boost up your self-esteem. Remind yourself of the qualities that you have that landed you on dates, remember the good things people say about you. These are valuable traits that you possess and always practice them: Honesty, loyalty, being a good cook, a gentlemen, etc. You will definitely find more dates and more people to appreciate you. And that’s you working for yourself esteem and not just to please them. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

3. Know that you belong.
Often times the outcome of rejection is for us to shut ourselves out from everyone. It’s a defense mechanism that when you are rejected you tend to shy away due to the hurt. Feeling that you do not belong in this clique or group will make you feel worse. Instead of just shutting in your room reach out to family and friends. Warm hugs and a pat a the back is a good reassurance these people accept you and that being rejected by your date doesn’t change the fact that they are still there.

Got rejected by your date? Don’t mull too much about it and remind yourself that you are a good person and a good sport. Also, do not sulk on your date and try not to make them feel bad. Be mature enough to stand and leave them gracefully. As for online dates, if they don’t reply to you then thank them and wish them luck on finding their matches and move on.

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