Millionaire Matchmaker: The Three C’s That Could Ruin Your Relationship

Tue, Jan 14, 2014

Keeping Your Relationship

Millionaire Matchmaker: The Three C’s That Could Ruin Your Relationship

Ever wondered how such a sweet relationship could turn sour and unbearable in an instant? I’ve seen many people who have dated and started out well, but as things progress their relationship also goes down south.

Seeing as to how these couples started with such high hopes and positivity. What could have gone wrong?

If you are a person who likes to be pampered and cared for with your partner, who wants to be sweet in your relationship and be loved by your other half; then watch out for these three C’s that could turn your relationship sour:

1. Controlling your partner
This is one of the most common reasons as to why most couples split up. You can’t tell in an instant if a person is controlling or not, you can only sense it as you go with the relationship. If you are an independent personality who likes your freedom then this is probably your relationship pet peeve. Most partners, especially the male have this controlling attitude towards their girlfriends. It could be over-protectiveness or just him being insecure and insensitive. It’s enough to have an authority figure breathing down your necks at work. Relationships should help an individual flourish his or her personality and not hold It back.

2. Comparing your partner
It’s sad to think that most people think that comparing people to others will help them be more aware of their flaws. Yeah, they will but it will also foster insecurities and later on- regrets. Why do you need to compare your current relationships to your past ones? Why do you have to stack the man or woman you are dating now to your “ideal” type. To those who have siblings, you should know how it stings your pride whenever your parents, relative of friends points out the differences between you and your siblings. It’s the same things when you do it to others. It’s demeaning, insulting and really pointless. Each person has his or her uniqueness and strengths.

3. Criticizing your partner.
When people are met with criticism there are seldom different reactions. For some, they just ignore it. For others, they meet it with disapproval and anger. But the truth is criticisms hurt no matter how big or small it is, coupled with negativity and anger, it can really cause and emotional trauma to a person. Criticisms are really bad for your relationship. Why not make room for a calm discussion as to how you both can improve in the relationship? Of course, it should always be for your best intentions for the relationship to work out and not a personal agenda- you both need to work it out. Communication and open-mindedness is an important factor in a relationship.

Have you ever experienced any of these constricting C’s in your relationships? When you find your partner being any of these, talk it out first. If not, then leave. You deserve a partner who will love you, care for you and respect you as you are.

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