Serious Vs Heavy Millionaire Dating: Where Do You Stand?

Tue, Aug 16, 2011

Keeping Your Relationship

Serious Vs Heavy Millionaire Dating: Where Do You Stand?

To be able to have a successful relationship, you and your partner need to connect to some level. Besides that, you also to have to have a mutual understanding of where your millionaire dating relationship stands. If you don’t have that mutual understanding, then your relationship is headed for some serious problems.
Okay, this time, we would be talking about the differences between serious and heavy dating. Oh, I hear some of you saying, “Is there a difference? I didn’t know!” but yes, there is a difference between these two. And so, let’s take a look and see for yourself whether you are already in a serious or heavy dating relationship.

1. Serious Dating is already a step above casual dating. Now, in serious dating, you don’t see other people anymore, meaning that you two are only exclusive for each other. That means no more dates online or offline. And the next measure of serious dating is of course, the proximity. Because unless you see each other at least twice a week or more, then you aren’t considered seriously dating unless you do that. You now have the drive and the need to see each other much more often.

Another is that you actually live within close proximity to each other. It’s either you live in the same city or close enough to see each other whenever you would both want or need to.

2. Heavy Dating

Heavy dating, is in turn, a step up from serious dating. With this type of dating, you have already finished scouting for the best millionaire-match material, and have now found someone who is above the rest. Meaning that you have found someone that you feel is worth the time and effort, someone that you can abandon all the rest for.

So, heavy dating involves, of course, exclusivity. You have already discussed this matter with each other and agreed that you are going to online date each other exclusively. Next, you spend more than three times a week with each other (every night on email and chat works too) because you take the time and the effort to see each other often. Another big landmark is also your close proximity with each other, meaning that you can see each other any time that you agree to. Also, you are now more intimate with each other, not necessarily physically, but in the sense that you know each other beyond the surface of your personalities and profiles.

Now that you know the difference, take a step back and discover whether you or your man are serious or heavily dating with each other. Believe me, it makes a difference. Still looking for your Mr. Right? Find the romance that’s been missing in your life at our Millionaire Dating site, go here =>

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