Millionaire Match Advice: Surviving the Miles in Long Distance Relationships

Mon, Jul 18, 2011

Long Distance Relationships

Millionaire Match Advice: Surviving the Miles in Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships have different definitions and meaning depending on each individual. For someone who doesn’t have the means, like unlimited cell phone use, limited public transportation or don’t have enough financial support to gauge such relationship may find it hard to maintain it. On the other hand, for other couples in millionaire dating, being long distance; being several miles apart is no obstacle.

A defining characteristic of a long distance relationship however is complete physical separation in prolonged periods of time. And that’s in an excess of a week or two. If the both of you always find time to meet even on weekends then that wouldn’t qualify or be necessarily defined as a long distance relationship. Moreover, for a couple, a few hundred miles won’t matter and be deemed irrelevant.

Surviving the miles in long distance relationships is one you have to surpass in order to have your relationship with your Italian Romeo or Juliet running. In this modern society, unlimited emails, text messaging, phone calls and chat rooms have found its way to bridge the gaps and loneliness while being apart. While nothing could ever replace the magic that both of you feel when together, having these instant connection messages and calls makes it more personal.

However, none of this could compensate for the lack of physical contact. Like text messages and chats on screen cannot deliver the real emotions you feel no matter how many emoticons or smileys you use. Photographs or webcams are not equal to your sweetheart’s vibrant smile when you’re together, that light blush, fragrant smell or a gentle touch.

To let your loved one truly feel your love from miles away, don’t just depend on these modern tools of communication, take a time off your computer and start writing a letter, sometimes, the most obsolete ones are still the best courses from time to time. It’s vital to create a link with your loved ones; surprise them with snail mail, hand written messages, care packages and deliveries may bring a long distance relationship much closer than they seem.

These methods may seem quite obsolete, like the snail mail but they make everything seem personal and just by looking at your hand written letters, your loved ones will see your effort. By sealing each letter with a lipstick kiss or enclosing photographs and or exchanging packages such as clothing with your “fragrance”, drifts him to a memory of the times you spent together. Doing something a little extra for your loved ones is a plus and they will surely appreciate it.

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    Now a days dating concept straightforward for online.

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    Am jus tired of being single need someone who is caring and honest from any part of the world

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