Professional Dating Tips: Questions You Must Answer Before Committing

Mon, Feb 17, 2014

Love and Commitment

Professional Dating Tips: Questions You Must Answer Before Committing

Being in a relationship should not be taken lightly, especially if the relationship requires serious commitment. A lot of couples jump into a relationship without completely looking at the whole picture.  Do they really have a chance of being a couple for a long term? How well do they know their partners? Is it really okay if you both are on the opposite sides of the scale?

It is okay to open up and ask questions to you prospect match early on dating. Or you might end up regretting being in a relationship you don’t want to be part in. So if you both want to make the relationship work, then you both need to sit down and answer these questions.

1. Are you okay with having kids?
For some, having children is a great joy, for others – let’s just say that they aren’t ready for parenthood. If you can’t see each other eye-to-eye over this issue then might as well let go early on because this will be a great source of conflict in your relationship. If however, you both agree to want kids in the future then ask the next question – how far will your partner participate in parenting the child and so on.

2. Are you financially stable?
If you aren’t financially stable enough to get married and start a family then maybe you both should set your priorities first. If you are serious in a relationship, you should open up this issue to your partner. Are you financially ready to be together and start a family? If yes, then good for you. You can get a glimpse of how this person’s financial outlook and how responsible they are when it comes to finances.

3. Are you okay with each other’s spending habits?
It would be a disaster knowing that you are a frugal person while your partner is a lavish spender. While you are busy saving up for future investments and funds, you find your partner overly spending on a lot of things with little left on the bank. So how would you deal with it? Knowing your partner’s spending habits will save you from tons of drama later. So you both should meet half-way in this one, learn to adjust to each other if you will. But if you see that things aren’t working out, then maybe you should get a move on.

4. How relevant is religion in your relationship?
If you are a devoted catholic and he is other wise then this may be a cause of future arguments. Should you sacrifice your religion in order to accommodate his? Do you respect each  other’s beliefs? You should both know how religion should come to play in your relationship and your family in the future while early in the relationship.

5. How do you envision life together?
He is dreaming of living a life with his great paying job and a dutiful housewife at home tending to his needs when he returns. You on the other hand want to still keep working and want to share the financial responsibilities, parenting and household chores. So, it’s likely that you both will clash. When it comes to socialising, sex life, vacations, your jobs,  finances and dealing with each other’s habits and attitudes will help you get a clear picture if you and your partner does match up. Knowing this will give you a more realistic expectation of your partner.

So are you ready to commit to your partner? Or do you find yourself struggling? If not then it’s best that you both settle these issues and talk about it.
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