Wealthy Men Dating: Top 3 Reasons Why Your Sugardaddy Won’t Commit

Tue, Feb 18, 2014

Love and Commitment

Wealthy Men Dating: Top 3 Reasons Why Your Sugardaddy Won’t Commit

Have you been dating your sugardaddy dating match for quite a while? Do you feel like you are ready to commit to him and get engaged or married? Are you waiting for him to take the next move? You want to take your relationship to the next level but it seems that he won’t commit.

You have gone exclusive on your first dates and now you are going steady. If you find yourself in the relationship for over a year or so, then it’s time to help him clear up some things. But sometimes, the mention of commitment might put up red flags for him. To better understand your partner and help him commit to you, here are the reasons why most men are afraid of commitment.

1. He doesn’t want you to become too dependent.
Sometimes, we become to divulged in the guy that we stop being our usual selves just to please him. We stop seeing our friends, do our hobbies just to be with him. Men also need their alone time but you being there all the time can stress him out. He might feel pressured to spend more time with you because you hang out too much around him. Show him that you can also enjoy doing things by yourself or with friends. That you have a good life apart from him. Show him that you are a fulfilled person but you can also love him and be loyal to him at the same time.

2. He’s anxious that you only love him because of what he can do for you.
Some women have the “princess complex” tendency when being in a relationship that often times they depend too much on their man to do everything for them. If you are truly interested in a man then show him that he is not just a “piece of meat” for you to satisfy yourself. If you only want a man to accompany you, have arm candy or to get someone to spend their money on you then they will definitely see through it. Really, it’s an ugly feeling. Show him that you love and adore him even in the small things. Reassure him that you are interested in him and not just all the stuff that he does for you.

3. He’s not too fond of the idea of you changing him.
Some people get into a relationship in hopes that they can change their partner to suit their needs. It will only make your guy feel insecure, unsure and unaccepted for who he really is. If the only way he can please you is to change himself then it will be a great cause of stress for him and your relationship. You already know what kind of guy he is prior to being in a relationship, so why would you want to change him? If urging him to change will only make him less of who he is then will you both be happy? Acceptance is the key, if you want to keep your guy then stop nagging him or tell him to change for you.

Most of these “fears” in commitment are usually unwarranted and men have a tendency to keep in their subconscious. Now it’s up to you to to make him feel more cosy and safe around you and your relationship. Trust is the thing that you both must continue to foster in order to keep your relationship going. A man can appreciate a confident and strong partner who can tend to herself but can still love and respect him. Knowing that, he will then step up and completely commit to you.

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