Mark Gungor – Men’s Brain Women’s Brain

Sat, Oct 10, 2009

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The hilarious standup about the differences between men’s brain & women’s brain

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[youtube 0BxckAMaTDc]

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28 Responses to “Mark Gungor – Men’s Brain Women’s Brain”

  1. Hypnovator Says:

    Too funny – Best …
    Too funny – Best thing, I have seen about the differences between Men and Women ever !!!

  2. tatboi89 Says:

    so funny so true
    so funny so true

  3. Slocum87 Says:

    Doesn’t completely …
    Doesn’t completely condemn the claim simply because wiki says it is disputed.

  4. UnGato7 Says:

    Wiki it, whether …
    Wiki it, whether the corpus callosum is larger in men or women is disputed.

  5. scratchyrice Says:


  6. Slocum87 Says:

    Well, the biggest …
    Well, the biggest contributing factor that validates what Mark is saying is the fact that most women have a more developed corpus collosum, which allows women to utilize multiple areas of the brain more efficiently. The lesser developed corpus collosum in men causes us to be more compartmentalized. We both have similar brains, but they are (for the most part) wired with slight discrepancies such as mentioned.

  7. ssramroop Says:


  8. Kuksiii Says:


  9. itsAndrogyn Says:

    i think that mens …
    i think that mens brains work like he explained womens brain too.. there are millions of connections in mens brain too, all is connected, an information is stored more efficiently combined with strong emotions. But there are habitual differences bythe way between men and women :P

  10. IdoubtIt1212 Says:

    This is comedy. It …
    This is comedy. It is not supposed to be precise. There are stupid people in both sexes and intelligent people in both sexes. Those who say this is too general, and point out flaws in the other sex, apparently want their egos coddled. Or they feel they are superior, but pretend to be rational and just, trying to convince themselves that they are remarkably intelligent.

  11. sbarr10 Says:

    This guy is good!
    This guy is good!

  12. muaydemir Says:

    My favorite laugh – …
    My favorite laugh – It is so funny!

    My favorite “box” is the “nothing box” 5 stars.

  13. LLCoolPass Says:

    I’m in your boat on …
    I’m in your boat on this one, with the exception that I see women watch TV with less focus than your gf…

  14. JSGuitar80 Says:

    This is all very …
    This is all very glib. I’ve seen my girlfriend sit for hours on end vegging out in front of the T.V. certainly experiencing nothing but alpha waves.

    I, myself, find it nearly impossible to sit and think about nothing as I feel anxious if I am not deeply thinking or am not moving toward an ultimate goal.

    Otherwise it’s funny, just a little generalized I’d say.

  15. InbredRengade Says:

    Whats better than …
    Whats better than to have nothing on the mind. The goal of a Zen Buddist monk is to think nothing. Thats why men tend to always be happy. Becaue of nothing.

  16. InbredRengade Says:

    Whats better than …
    Whats better than to have nothing on the mind. The goal of a Zen Buddist monk is to think nothing. Thats why men tend to always be happy. Becaue of nothing.

  17. Jotto999 Says:

    Well, I am a guy …
    Well, I am a guy and I will plainly say, I love my nothing box. A part of your mind, that you can conjure up at any time as often as you want, that contains absolutely nothing. What’s better than that? I have no idea.

  18. jscullysmail Says:

    this guy is like a …
    this guy is like a motivational speaker who got way of topic and tried to be funny haha

  19. ZekeAndroid48 Says:

    Lol I really …
    Lol I really enjoyed this

  20. BocaFriend Says:

    I love good comedy …
    I love good comedy and am mostly afraid to venture today’s raw humorists. Mark is a godsend
    and proof that truth is the best source of humor
    and obscenity is the crutch of non-creative minds!

  21. drumsnluv Says:

    He is just …
    He is just fantastic…I loved this. It really is sooo funny when it’s explained like this.. Bravo’re wonderful”!!!!

  22. bru0009 Says:


    this guy is awesome!!!!!!

  23. MomofJ4 Says:

    I actually …
    I actually discovered his “nothing box” years ago. It absolutely amazed me that a person could be breathing and actually be thinking about nothing!!!

  24. willdeburr Says:

    This guy sucks ,
    This guy sucks ,

  25. Ginatheroma Says:

    Brilliant! i could …
    Brilliant! i could not stop laughthing…

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